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A Safe & Happy New Year to our Loretto High School Community!

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Each new January holds bittersweet memories in the history of Loretto High School!  On January 23, 2009, the school celebrated the birthday of Mary Ward, the beloved Founder of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1585-1645) who fought for decades for the formal education of young women.

On the afternoon of January 26, 2009, as colleagues devoted to the education of our young students were gathered in the Mary Ward Library, we learned that our beloved school would close forever in June.  That evening many of our alumnae around the world spread the news via Facebook and the following day, January 27th, the student body and their families were notified.  A very difficult time in many of our lives commenced.

We attempted to save the school at meetings and at an newsworthy Alumnae & Student rally on the sidewalk in front of the school.  By the end of February, we were blessed to assure all continuing students a home at either Christian Brothers HS or Saint Francis HS, if they so wished.  We comforted each other and visiting alumnae while the campus continued to focus on the goals at hand.  In May, the Alumnae Office held several open campus events for alumnae who attended from all over the country.  Our last events...last Mass; last finals; last days of school; last graduation were each beautiful in their own way but the tears and hugs seemed different and frozen in time as no one knew if/when/where we would see each other again.

No one knew that we would soon be provided a space for an Alumnae Office/History Center on the beloved campus.  That awe-inspiring promise was made true on September 23, 2009 when our Alumnae Office/History Center opened due to the loving nature of the Aspire Public Schools organization that purchased the Loretto High School property in July 2009.  They "HONOR THE HERITAGE" of the former campus they embody and seek to teach their students and staff all about the spirit of our past...gracing our campus brings continued joy & strength for learning.  Our Alumnae Office/History Center will remain on the former Loretto site as long as we continue to provide assistance to Alexander Twilight College Prep (K-5) and Alexander Twilight Secondary (6-12) Academies in their quest to bring our diverse communities together through events on and off campus.

Yes, the campus we know has changed in many ways over these 4-1/2 years.  But the new school continues to live by its Motto: "College for Certain" as many if its students will be the first in their family to graduate from high school.  So, in June 2014 many family histories will be changed and Alexander Twilight Secondary Academy will make history as it conducts its FIRST HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION with the Class of 2014!  Congratulations to Aspire Public Schools, Alexander Twilight and its lucky Senior Class of 2014!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Do you like scrapbooking?  Want to help capture our history & memories in time.  Would you like to create an online newsletter for your year or decade? Be a Class Ambassador interested in keeping your class updated re activities & reunions!  Email lorettoconnect@gmail.com with your ideas & interests for assisting the Alumnae Office/History Center!

Classes of 2010 & 2011, 2012!  We hope your post-high school journey continues to be a great one!  As Loretto Alumnae, please remember to keep our records current if you wish to be notified of Loretto events.  Alumnae, Colleagues, Families and Friends, please update your contact information in your emails to allow us to connect you with others, request assistance or just to check in with news of importance!  Classmates may be looking for you now or soon, when reunion committees form and the fun begins!  Time flies and change is a constant around here!  I continue to be your liaison to allow Loretto Community access to the former campus that was once our beloved home!  If you wish to visit our office or the campus, you might be surprised with a mini-tour.  To reach assistance more urgently, please use aeshoff@comcast.net or find us on Facebook as Loretto Connect.

Please share your talents, take care & stay in touch!

Love, Ann Baltezore Shoff, '72

P.S. This auto-reply is for informational purposes on for all affiliates of Loretto High School, Sacramento CA...now closed!  The reply provides a quick update for those who infrequently check in.  If you are not associated with LHS or its affiliates, thank you for understanding and delete!

Ann Baltezore Shoff, Loretto High School Class of 1972
Director, Loretto Connect Sacramento

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